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Hometown: Renton, WA
Current Location: Fairfield, IA

Growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest I spent most of the time hiking in the mountains
pondering the idea of how strange it is to be alive and wondering where life would take me.


Early on I studied at the International Human Design School beginning in 2012. However, my affinity for
counterculture and the democratized access to information brought me to certify with
The Quantum Human Design for Everyone Training System™

I know the struggle of spiritual seeking. Feeling that it is all too much or not enough,
or that somehow something is wrong. Simply wanting peace and to find answers.


Whenever I forget, the tool of Human Design leads me back to myself.
And to paraphrase the Buddha, once you find yourself, you abandon whatever
vehicle got you there.

That said,  I encourage any path that brings about inner-wellness and a greater sense of
fulfillment. My multi-disciplinary study of various paths and working 1:1 with individuals
continues to serve my ongoing evolution. Many guides have supported me along the way
and it is my honor to return the favor.

That is what I am here to do.

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Beautiful Nature

Education /  Certifications

  • B.S. Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology

  • B.A. Consciousness and Human Potential

  • M.S. Information Technology

  • Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Training Academy, United States Air Force

  • Fellowship, Silicon Valley Business Development Academy

  • Transcendental Meditation Teacher Certification

  • Certified Human Design Specialist, Quantum Alignment System

  • The School of Hard Knocks (Life as the Teacher)

James and

his son

When I’m not doing Human Design
Readings I love spending time with my son (He’s a 4/6 Emotional Authority Manifesting Generator). 


Human Design Certification

James is officially certified as a Quantum Human Design Level 2 Specialist through The Quantum Human Design for Everyone Training System

He is an active member of the Quantum Alignment System, LLC Professional Association (QASPA)

And he actively collaborates within a community of over 200 Human Design Specialists to further develop his proficiency of the Human Design System

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