Scheduling and Pricing

Your 90-Minute In-Depth Foundational Reading via Zoom Includes:

1. A Fundamental Overview of Human Design

2. An Analysis of Your Type, Strategy, and Inner Authority (Decision Making Power)

3. Insights Into Your Chart Regarding Health, Wealth, Relationships, Parenting and Lifestyle

4. A Personalized PDF of Your Human Design Chart Analysis (All charts are hand-run for accuracy)

5. A Feedback Session to Discuss Your Overall Understanding and to Answer Your Questions

Follow-up Sessions: One you have received a 90-Minute In-Depth Foundational Reading you can schedule as many 60-minute or
30-minute follow-up sessions as you would like. In these sessions we can discuss further details of your chart or any areas of interest we have previously 
discussed together.

Financial Assistance: If you could benefit from financial assistance please send me a message to inquire about sliding scale payment options
or discount for veterans, first responders, and students

Pricing: My passion to do readings is unlimited; however, what is limited is my time, therefore you are only paying for my time.

Note: 90-minute readings include up to 2 hours to perform an analysis of your chart which I provide for you afterwards.

Zoom: A Zoom link will be emailed to you prior to our session

I look forward to meeting with you.